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The message I keep seeing EVERYWHERE is

Trust the timing of your life.
This is a difficult thing for me because I was brought up believing hard work pays off. Then as I began to adult, I realized connections and luck play a role in success, too. So I worked hard to do all the things. I work hard, work a lot, am conscientious, healed my shit, grew up, worked harder, changed dreams, and changed where I lived. I took classes to learn how to be a better healer and author. I strive. And then I look around me and wonder, why hasn’t “it” happened yet? 
Why aren’t things easier? Why isn’t abundance a sea I float in? Why haven’t my award-winning writings become N.Y. Times bestsellers? What else can I do????
I have to let go of the when and how. The message during Mercury Retrograde right now has been, “Holly, take a breath.” Make it a deep one. Stop trying to make the time now, and trust the universe.”
This has manifested like this: My book disappeared from B&N website. The paperback dropped off amazon. Things I’ve tried to connect break. My creativity is quiet. Crazy, right?
A few days ago, I surrendered to the fact that this is a time of reflection. I have to think proactively. I can’t tell myself to wait. Waiting is annoying. It makes me fidgety. So how do I create a time of reflection and rest into an action? Reflection. Writing notes. I am allowing myself to receive, and I am exploring the new energy and spiritual gifts I am receiving. 
If you feel aggadah like I have been, today I want you to pay attention to your growth. Imagine you’re a pink or yellow lotus bud floating, and the very tips of your petals are just about to begin blooming. Think of all the fragrance and beauty you are safeguarding. 
HOLLY’S HEALING TIP: You are worth the wait. 

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