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Spiritual Divorce Support

Did you know 70% of women initiate divorce? Listen in to my interview with divorce coach and spiritual leader Noam Raucher. We discuss the emotional truth about the process of divorce and how anger affects you.  Start Your Healing Journey with Me I help clients create, maintain boundaries, healthy relationships, and self-care. Schedule A Healing Session

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Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing I think your inner child is keeping secrets for you. She kept you safe when there was emotional or physical danger. She did her best with her limited capacity. She helped you self-sooth and maybe she acted out because what else did she learn form her environment? I think she must…

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Real, Not Perfect Workshops

Real, Not Perfect Academy Give Me 11 Weeks, and I’ll Get You Your Life Back An Intuitive Energy Healing Program for women who feel exhausted and are looking for inner confidence. You’ve tried therapy, coaching, and connecting with your inner child and still can’t move forward. You’ve tried all the things and done all the work…

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