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Appearances, Podcasts, and Bylines

I’m an award-winning essayist, self-help, non-fiction, young adult fiction author, and public speaker. 

  • I write about loss, recovery, and moving through the world with scars. I write about the supernatural about things unseen yet acutely felt.
  • I host a series of self-help, intuitive and healing workshops called the Real, Not Perfect Academy and the Real, Not Perfect Lab.
  • I have monthly free Ladies Who Lunch live zoom webinars (all are welcome).
  • I co-lead writers retreats with New York Times Bestselling Author Nova Ren Suma.
  • My work in Image Comics GLITTERBOMB series won a Barnes and Noble Best of Graphic Novel award, a Barnes and Noble Best of Scifi award, and high marks at COMICON. We also earned Book Riots list “25 of the Best Comics About Social Justice for Every Reader.” My essay about sexual harassment on a Hollywood set went viral two years before MeToo!.

Television Appearances:

CNN, On The Story with Erica Hill


WCNC Charlotte, QC Life




MIDLIFE MAKEOVER with Wendy Valentine listen here.

Shaun Sunderland, listen in as he gets a mini reading and we discuss brand.

The Soulful Mind, Let’s talk About Friends.  

In Alphabetical Order:

Astrology Look Inside This podcast has so many new insights about joy, astrology, how we value money and ourselves. I think you’ll enjoy it!

BreakThruKruPodcastThis is a great conversation with the one and only @by.brandiyates. We discuss surrendering, sinking into your Devine feminine, and Saturn return. What’s so great about this podcast is you can see how much of what I said to her has happened in her life since.

Charlotte Readers Podcast with Landis Wade. We discuss indie publishing, writing, editing, and all things self-help publishing. 

Divine Realignment, with Julia Wesley We discuss akashic records and spirit guides and the importance of feeling your feelings.

Divorce and Beyond Podcast 2023 Radical Self- Care with Susan Guthrie

Divorce and Beyond Podcast Valentine’s Day 2023 Compassion Guide  with Susan Guthrie. What do you do on Valentine’s Day just after divorce?

Doing Relationships Right with Jennifer Hurvitz Dating tips and self-care routines.

My Divorce Solution

The Fab Chiefstess, with Evelyn Betances Listen while we speak about healing, trauma, and mindset.

Femme Parlor-Finding Pleasure Again How sexuality is woven into your self-love and self-worth practice.

Healthy Gypsy Podcast

How To Get Healthy and Pregnant, with Adrienne Wei Insights about pregnancy, miscarriage, loss, grief and healing.

Instructions Needed because life didn’t come with any, on Spotify. We help people who are keeping secrets and supporting others with strong boundaries.

Just a Little More Joy, with Kyle Moss

My Weirdest Experience, with Tina Clarke

Opulent Life, with Stepahnie Snyder A deep dive into what it feels like to be an intuitive, when to tell people you have gifts, and what that means.

Personal Growth and Lifestyle, with Lisa Latimer How to recover from relationships with narcissists

Rock Your Soul, with Nichole Eaton manifesting tips and tricks

Self Love Ignited, with Katie Allen I loved talking with Katie and found myself over-sharing. Please listen in to our shared stories and vulnerability when it comes to all things self-worth, self-love, and body image.

The Self Podcast Kristy Martin and I talk about embracing who you are, identifying when you’re in the space of being lost, and redefining yourself

Self-publishing, with Josiane Fortin What it feels like to write a book and share it with the world.

Soul in the Raw, with Olivia Seline and Shannon Wooten The power of energy healing.

Stranger Connections with Tedx Speaker and humorist Lisa David Olson. The essay we discuss about my past in Hollywood. 

Strong Talk- With Trish Nancoo

Th3 Writer’s Corner with Andrea McHugh

Thrive in Motherhood, with Irene McKenna We discuss life, motherhood, and happiness. You know, the simple stuff.

Time Our for Mental Health, with Tim Krass In depth conversation about depression

Toxic Person Proof with Sarah K. Ramsey.

Two Sisters Podcast- find them on Facebook

Unchain Your Inner Strength, for spiritual entrepreneurs, with Maria Krause How to begin your spiritual growth & awareness journey

Unicorn Show, with Kendra Beaevis We answer the question: Do you want to enjoy life?

YMCA, with Jane Hoagland Let’s get real about being yourself.

Personal Essays— in alphabetical order of publication:

Authority Magazine Self-Care Routines Published 12/2022

Authority magazine Becoming Stress Proof Published 10/2022

Cafe Mom:

My Daughter Is Terrified of Being Unpopular & I Don’t Know How to Help

Letting My Daughter Be Her Own Person Means Letting Go of My Way to Say ‘I Love You”


Glitterbomb:Red Carpet

Glitterbomb: Fame Game

Contributor: My School Rocks Magazine

Contributor: What Was I Thinking? 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories, various newspapers, and ezines.

The One Way I’m Afraid My Daughter Will Never See Me

I’ve Had Miscarriages Before, But Never Like This

On Trying Not to Expect Much From My Absent Dad Anymore

How I’m Dealing with My Daughter Ourgrowing Her Dolls

It Happened To Me: An Oscar Winner Bullied Me So Badly I Quit The Film Industry :Picked up by Yahoo! and

What I Learned From The 5 Most Important First Kisses

Other essays appear under pseudonym and can be furnished upon request.

Short Stories:

moonShine Review:

Wolf a Modern Tale

1-800 Wings, Infomercial

Stone Crown Review:

Finger Paint

Hob Goblins


Expressing Motherhood, National Play about Motherhood

Coffee and Kink:

Featured guest on Coffee and Kink with the title of the essay – “I Wish I Could Masturbate Like A Man

Glitterbomb: The Fame Game is on the @BNBuzz @BNSciFi Best of March 2018 list.

GLITTERBOMB is one of Barnes and Noble’s Best Comics & Graphic Novels of 2017


Image Comics– contributed back matter essays.

Reviews for Glitterbomb: Newsarama book 1book2book 3 and book 4Comicsverse

GLITTERBOMB Series 2, THE FAME GAME: The series continues with great reviews!

Matt Chats: Interview with Jim Zub

“The backmatter from Holly Raychelle Hughes really matches what’s occurring in the comic. How did she become part of the team?

While doing my research on mistreatment in Hollywood I came across Holly’s essay posted on XOJane.

The article was filled with creepy interactions that felt like the kind of thing I’d been putting together for Glitterbomb. Even more chilling, it was all real. I bookmarked it and thought about the possibility of including back matter in our series, something in a similar vein – Tell-all stories ripping the veil off Tinseltown.”