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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

I love sharing my favorite products with my clients! So I’ve compiled a list and made it easy to find just for you!

Please note that there are Amazon affiliate links and I receive a small commission when you use these links to purchase items. All proceeds help grow my business and provide additional resources to my clients!

Stress Relief

Pharma Gaba chewable
Pharma Gaba capsule

Non-drowsy herbal remedy for stress! Reduces overthinking and tension without side effects! Dosage varies. I like the 100mg.

Quiet Your Mind

NOW Supplement L-Theanine
Nature’s Trove L-Theanine

This supplement helps you sleep! It quiets your thoughts so that you can drift off without the running to-do list distracting you!

Clear Energy

Sage Spray

Spray in your home for cleansing and clearing when you can not burn sage.

Sage Bundles

For cleansing and clearing your home. Neutralize negative energy and bring balance into your space.

Zum Mist Eucalytpus
Zum Mist Frankensense
Zum Mist Lavender
Rose Water Spray

Sprays use to increase the frequencies of your space and your body. Essential oils in spray form for easy use.

Epsom Salt

Add epsom salt to your bath to ease the body and remove negative energy! In the shower mix with your shower gel for exfoliation and clearing your energy.

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Combo Pack

Ease aches and soreness with Dr. Teal’s combo pack. Lavender and chamomile for calming and soothing the mind and body.

Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp 6-8″

This size is great for small rooms and hallways. Use as nightlights for removing negative energy while you sleep.

2 Salt Lamps (packaged together)

This combo pack gives you a discount price when you buy them packaged together.

Selenite Crystal Lamp

This lamp provides high frequency vibration for clearing your energy.

Shop Small

Orgonite Crystal Pyramid

This pyramid clears negative energy and protects from emotional stress.

I Miss Your Face, Lavender Gift Set

A great gift for yourself or a loved one that could use a little bit of self-care.


Rose Quartz Bracelet

Promotes healing and being kind to your heart.

Crystal Mix

Great starter kit to learn about crystals!

Citrine Quartz

The perfect crystal to promote new beginnings!

Citrine Bracelet

Easily wear this crystal for new beginnings everywhere you go!

Yellow Jasper  

Cleanses and strengthens the aura and aligns chakras. Harmonizes spiritual with physical.


I am not a doctor, and as such cannot diagnose or treat any medical issues. Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult your physician. REPEAT—I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Please consult a doctor when taking any new supplement to ensure your health and safety. I don’t know how what’s in your system will react to my recommendations.