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The opposite of instability is not balance…it’s rhythm.

Find your rhythm

Stabilize your emotions

Get your life back

Feeling overwhelmed? Entrenched in old habits that no longer serve you? Tired of the emotional exhaustion? Rest and restoration are waiting for you on the other side of Intuitive Energy Healing.

Take Back Your Power

In relationships. In your career. In your decisions.

Heal Your Relationships

Life's too short for uncomfortable bras or uncomfortable relationships.

Trust Yourself Again

Stop making the same mistakes. Heal the wound that made you believe that you don’t deserve more.

Make Transitions Boldly

I will guide you when you know something has to change but you feel lost.

What is intuitive energy healing?

Intuitive Energy Healing is tapping into your highest self to heal your body, mind, and emotions. I use my intuitive gifts to talk to your guides. I make an energy connection through empathy and clairvoyance. This gives me unique insight into your wounds that maybe you don’t even understand. I gain a deeper understanding of your wounded inner child and what it needs to heal.


Benefits of intuitive energy healing

  • Destroy the root of the problem instead of just pruning the vines for a lasting change.
  • Breakthrough barriers by releasing the emotional pain of past wounds that are limiting your future.
  • Clear internal clutter and enjoy physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Intuitive Energy Healing can help!

Stop letting old patterns hold you back
Release the wounds and habits that keep you stuck
Jumpstart your healing journey

Meet The Intuitive, Holly Hughes

An intuitive healer, published author, and public speaker

I heal your heart, so the pain from your past stops limiting your future. I believe there was a time when you needed love and support and didn’t get it. It can be a big or small event that irrevocably changes how you define yourself.

– Holly


I can’t recommend Holly’s services more highly. She is extremely gifted in ways that you can’t fathom until she starts the hour. She immediately identified two major problems I have with stress that she worked to release. I’ve been feeling lighter and happier ever since our session and will definitely return.


Holly and I connected via a friend and my life is blessed for the better. She has helped me move mountains of obstacles, shed fear that was holding me back, and step into the empowered women that I am. Holly has the ability to connect with you at an energetic level and get right to the root cause of what is blocking your flow. Her warmth and fun loving nature make her very easy to talk to and feel that she truly cares. I highly recommend Holly if you are ready to step into the person you were born to be. You must be willing to do the work as she is a guider, however her healing talent is simply extraordinary.


I went to see Holly with an open mind and was quite surprised how insightful & accurate her intuitive gifts are! I gained a clearer understanding of the issues that came up and her ability to use her energy work on me was so very helpful! I’ve gone back for another session and enjoyed the same positive experience and will be back again to see her. Thank so much Holly:)


Holly you are soo amazing with your gifts but most of all your authentic, transparent beautiful heart!! I know this practice you do in order to help others is not easy sometimes but totally worth it!! You are helping and healing every day!!


I found Holly during the hardest time of my life – when my ex has filed for custody of our child. Holly has given me a peace of mind at the time of turmoil. Her advice was spot on! She was so supportive, caring, and non-judging. She sees right through you. I wouldn’t be able to go to court without her support. At the end of it all, my ex and I were able to come up with an amicable agreement that made us both happy. Even though the situation has worked itself out, I’ll always have Holly on speed dial.


I started seeing Holly in 2019 when my high conflict divorce started. As one can imagine, I felt off centered, anxious, and surrounded by toxic energy. My first session with Holly was really healing. She started clearing the toxic energy around me and talked me through every step. She gave me tips throughout how to help myself outside of her office and directed me to her past videos to learn how to clear my space at home too. I’ve come to see Holly every quarter since 2019 and can honestly say her energy clearing leaves me feeling lighter, stronger, and centered. Holly listens to you and what you need while walking you toward being more you. I couldn’t have healed from the trauma without her by my side.


Real, Not Perfect Academy

A guided energy healing program with Holly Hughes Intuitive

Your past wounds are holding you back. You are self-sabotaging and struggling to move forward in relationships and work. It’s time to heal and embrace a brighter future.

Give me 12 weeks and I’ll get you your life back.