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Frequently Asked Questions

Intuitive healing is tapping into the oneness of the universe, divine love, and your highest self- the part of your soul that is eternal- to heal your body, mind, and emotions. Instead of just becoming aware of old habits and patterns that are sabotaging your life, you can go a step further and actually uproot those things that don’t serve you. This release leads to deeper healing and better future decisions to build a life that you love!

Holly’s gifts of clairvoyance and empathy give her the unique ability to connect with your guides and your energy to identify and release wounds that even you may not be aware of. She combines these gifts with an authentic desire to help people heal past wounds that are limiting their future.

The beautiful thing about energy healing is the deep connection to your emotions that are affecting your physical and mental state. You will notice reduced physical discomfort, less stress, and more self-confidence.

Therapy is a process with tools provided by a licensed clinician. Its purpose is to diagnose and treat mental health conditions.

Intuitive energy healing is a process where a gifted Empath is a conduit of the energy – of unconditional love and guides to support your journey – and connects to your body and emotions in intuitive ways in order to identify and release wounds to your inner child.

Start Your Healing Journey with Me

I help clients create, maintain boundaries, healthy relationships, and self-care.