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Why I Won’t Wear Red on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be hard when you are going through a divorce. In this episode of the Divorce and Beyond Podcast, Susan Guthrie and Holly Hughes discuss tactical ways and tips to honor your feelings and not fall victim to the commercialism or beliefs of what the holiday should or needs to be about.

I share why I won’t wear red on Valentine’s Day.

  • Holly smiling while looking at reader with link to podcast textYour heart chakra is green! If you want heart-healing and love in your life, try something new, wear green instead of red.
  • Join me in my year of self-love notes. Each week I write myself a love note and add it to a jar. At the end of the year, I’ll have 52 compliments and reminders of how I love myself.
  • Intuitive healing is about creating a safe space to feel your feelings. This is your permission slip to move through and process the hard emotions, so they stop weighing you down.
  • Instead of longing to be in love with a partner, love what’s around you. That includes pets, art, music, friends, & family!
  • Intuitive energy healing can help you heal your past heartbreak, boost your immune system, and prepare you for the kind of love you deserve!



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