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How Does Your Energy Impact Work Performance?

Your energy could be the thing holding your career back.

Energy is defined here as what you invisibly carry into the office, project during a call, and how you speak with others at work.

Do you still need clarification? Think about your experiences of walking into the room after two people argued. Ask yourself if you felt the sizzle of lingering disagreement or hostility between the people. I bet you did. 

You have the same energy moving around you. And perhaps it’s that energy that is limiting your career advancement. 

How negative energy shows up at work:

  • Inability to complete tasks.
  • Failure to be recognized or receive credit for the work you do.
  • Excluded from making decisions. 
  • Resentment toward leadership or co-workers.
  • Taking on tasks that are different from yours. 
  • Company culture makes you anxious.
  • Continuously try to be understood, but your messages don’t connect.

Intuitive healing can help you clear the negative energy, thought patterns, and miscommunications to allow you to level-up your career, choices, and experiences. 

How can intuitive energy healing help you?

Firstly, my ability to see and feel things unseen by others is invaluable. You may not understand why you’re so emotional at work, but I will. I can untangle the emotional trauma in your personal life from impacting your professional life. 

A common issue in career healing is creating and maintaining boundaries. 

Boundaries are the foundation to clear communication, respect, and leveling expectations at work. When boundaries remain undefined, you may find yourself confused, manipulated by the office bully, and demeaned by others around you. Your to-do list is typically never-ending (and full of work that is actually delegated to others), and you may even take pride in helping everyone around you without understanding the NEED to help others is holding you back.

You will gain people’s trust and respect when clear boundaries are established. Read that again. It can be counterintuitive to someone who learned that making others happy and doing what you’re asked is the only way to move up at work. This isn’t exactly true. 

Energy healing will heal your self-esteem. You don’t have to understand how energy healing works for it to work. Refer to the experience of walking into a room full of hostile energy. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there affecting others’ moods, perceptions, and experiences. 

When you lack confidence, others feel it. Would you go to an insecure doctor? Would you want a nervous person telling you what to do? Would you trust them with your results? 

Intuitive energy healing can heal the moments in time that made you feel less-than, smaller, incompetent, or insecure. When we heal the past, we make room for a better future. 

Confidence is essential; you must possess it, own it, and enjoy who you are and your talents and achievements. Understanding who you are and what you can do is attractive. It will evoke trust in your co-workers and change your workplace dynamics.  

Find your voice. Once you create boundaries and reclaim your confidence, it’s time to speak up. Intuitive energy healing can clear your throat chakra and allow the words you’ve held back to emerge in a way that will enable you to be heard. 

Your voice matters. 

Your perspective is valid. 

Your boundaries are appropriate. 

Energy healing will help you regain your confidence in your career and allow you to level up your goals. 

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