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I believe her

It’s never just one. If someone hurts you, they probably got away with it before, and will do it again. Find someone you trust, get support, and report it! My story. Her story. Our stories. I applaud Rose McGowan’s stark bravery for her ability to keep speaking out. My opinion: It’s not hard to apologize.…

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Shadow Work

What Is Shadow Work & Why Is Everyone Talking About It?  Ladies and gentlemen pardon me while I rant. Please let me direct your attention toward the Light. I've heard so, so, so many "coaches" and "healers" speak on and about "shadow work." I listened to all the ways life coaches spin "shadow work," and…

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The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.   Start Your Healing Journey with Me I help clients create, maintain boundaries, healthy relationships, and self-care. Schedule A Healing Session

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