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The Opulent Life

The Opulent Life Podcast with
Stephanie Snyder, Ph. D.

Stephanie is another powerhouse of a woman I’m so grateful to have met. She’s sassy, energetic, smart, and I honestly can’t wait to talk to her again.

She said I inspired her to finish the book she’s writing and she inspired me to read one I never heard of. That’s the power of women helping and uplifting each other. There’s room for all of us.

In this episode of The Opulent Life Podcast, we discuss how to ground. I talk about how it was the hardest thing for me to learn how to do, correctly. Who’s with me on that? I used to connect to high vining energy outside of my body instead of creating an energetic exchange with the earth.

We also share tips on how to ask for help, how not to judge yourself during the healing process, how it may take more than one person and one visit to heal your sh!t, and most of all you’re worth the money it takes to heal.

woman in green and white jumpsuit doing a cartwheel

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