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What happens when you change perspective?

What happens when we shift our perspective?

Here I am lying on the floor. I can’t get physically lower unless I dig a hole. Logically the only way to go is up. If it were me, I’d say the same, “Well, things can’t get worse. It’s time to pick myself up and get on with moving forward. It’s time to get up.”

But the truth is many people roll around in the muck at the bottom for a while. They wallow in the pain of failure and the fear that uncertainty brings. It’s completely understandable, but I grew up in a family that allowed self-pity for a few days, and then it was time to get on with it.

So let’s.

2020 has been a sh!tsh0w of a year. I could sprinkle fairy dust on it, and it would still stink.
We’ve been stuck here at the bottom of it, and it’s time to get up. And it’s time to reframe the experience into something positive—no more self-pity.

What does that mean?

As of today, I’m framing 2020 in a new light. It was an earthquake across the planet meant to shake us all up. It’s telling us what we were and how we’ve been living doesn’t fulfill us. Our external goals without any interior love create chaos. It created division in humanity. It created disease. It creates fear, which begets more fear and clickbait full of fear.

F- that. I’m done with fear-based living.

The earthquake of 2020 shook and broke what wasn’t working and made way for new. It may not feel that way, but my intuition and gut tell me it’s true. Who do you want to be? When was the last time you turned inward to ask yourself that? Have you been busy surviving? You don’t have to be wealthy to do the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual work. Money can’t buy happiness. Comparison never brings joy. Being what others want you to be erodes the soul.

So, what are we going to do? We’re going to feel our feelings and ask ourselves, what’s next? Do we need another day or two to roll around on the floor, or is it time to take care of ourselves?

Let go of the limitations used to construct your worth, define your success, and imagine the world can be.

Let’s get back to our humanity, compassion, hope, and connectedness.

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