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I believe her

It’s never just one. If someone hurts you, they probably got away with it before, and will do it again. Find someone you trust, get support, and report it!

My story. Her story. Our stories.

I applaud Rose McGowan’s stark bravery for her ability to keep speaking out.

My opinion:
It’s not hard to apologize. If the men who raped and demonized her matured at all over the past years or decades it should be an easy thing to acknowledge her truth and say, “I’m sorry.”

I understand Rose’s sentiment for wanting acknowledgment and an apology. I’d love the same.
I have no doubt Alexander and George will remain silent and wait for this to go away, again. It’s what they do.
One moment in my life does not determine my worth or define my story. Do the healing work and find your happiness.


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