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Live YouTube Interview with Catherine and Karen from My Divorce Solution

Today I had the great pleasure of talking with Catherine and Karen about divorce. That sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true. These smart women know their business and want to help you get through the process of divorce, too.

I’ve helped people navigate the emotional turmoil and rollercoaster of divorce. I know how the shame of failing at marriage feels. I had a starter-marriage myself. Having to redefine yourself after being connected to a person and family can be devastating, but it can also be liberating and exhilarating once you move through the pain and loss.

Wonder why I said liberating? Well, you get an opportunity to redefine yourself in your own terms. You get to be the you, you want to be not limited to the wants and needs of the ex-spouse.

Click the video below to watch the replay. 

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To connect with My Divorce Solution, you may either email  to schedule a telephone call with one of the principals, or you may use this link to determine your customized flat fee for your financial portrait and further discussion with the team at My Divorce Solution. Your work with My Divorce Solution will go far in your mediator and/or attorney’s ability to advocate for your goals and fair settlement. 

Holly’s Healing Tip: You don’t have to sacrifice to love in order to receive it.

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