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How do you define success?

Amanda Gorman Quote

Creative people.
How do you define success? It’s so easy to use words to belittle and negate your art. It’s easy to allow commerce to define your success, but let’s not do that.

This is what I know about creative people. We are driven by a force that compels us to intimately express what’s inside of us. We do this because not to do it hurts and makes us uneasy and unhappy.

Most creative people make art, movies, write poetry, quilt, see, make stained glass, dance, sculptures, songs, music, and every other expression for free. They don’t get paid until and if it sells. They pay their own money into honing their craft. The desire to create is so great within them that it’s worth every penny. They are worth every minute of it.

If you are a creative person, I see you. I am you, too.

Let’s celebrate our imagination and self motivation! Your story/art/music matter and you are a success for having the courage to create it!


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