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Are You An Empath?

4 Question Empath Quiz:

  1. Do you sense others’ pain and sadness?
  2. Do you pick up quickly if someone means one thing but says another?
  3. Do you feel drained if you are around certain people?
  4. Others don’t understand how deeply you feel and why you can’t just “let it go.”

Empaths are sensitive caring individuals who need time to rest and recharge.

Easy Recharging Tips for Empaths

1: Unplug and get outside. Be in nature. Barefoot is best.

2: Put your phone away at least one hour before you go to sleep and don’t use your phone as an alarm clock.

Top 3 Empath Archetypes

Which empath are you?

1: The Emotional Empath

An emotional empath feels the emotions of others. This is amazing when your friends are happy. However, emotional empaths often become exhausted by friends who constantly complain or come to them to dump. 

2: Physical Empaths

As a physical empath, you’re attuned to other people’s physical symptoms, and you tend to absorb them into your own body. This goes beyond naturally contagious gestures, like laughter and yawning.

If your friend is experiencing a terrible stomachache or back pain expect to feel tension in your tummy and back as well.

On the flip side, physical empaths can also be energized by someone else’s sense of well- being.

3: Intuitive Empaths

An intuitive empath has the ability to know if and what needs to be done in a situation without any solid evidence behind it.

This type of empath has the ability to sense the unspoken in terms of what’s going on, without another person having to fill in all the details.

What empaths need to do to safeguard their energy:

1: You must be able to discern what’s your energy, emotional truth, and situations from other people’s stuff.

2: Empaths must maintain healthy boundaries.

If an empath has trouble knowing the difference between what’s their stuff and someone else’s it shows up as anxiety.

An empath with weak boundaries is often the person others come to for help, to unload their emotional garbage, and go to fixer.

If you need support releasing other people’s energy, intuitive healing can help.

Which empath are you?