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This theme goes beyond the traditional notion of currency and delves into the many facets that define what holds value in our lives, society, and the world at large.

Imagine a world where value isn’t solely defined by monetary worth, but rather by the richness of experiences, ideas, and connections. As we explore “The Currency of” we’re challenging ourselves to uncover the hidden currencies that shape our perspectives and drive change. Be prepared to dive into a range of thought-provoking topics, from covering technology, psychology, leadership, cybersecurity, social issues, healthcare, finance, and education.

Our speakers will share their unique stories, ideas, and experiences that have the potential to transform the way we think and live.TEDxMintStreet brings together ideas and interesting people from around the world and around the corner. Although we are licensed by TED, we are independently organized.

My TEDx bio:
Meet Holly R. Hughes
The Currency of Reproduction
Holly Hughes is an award-winning author, intuitive healer, and dedicated humanitarian.
You may have heard her voice on one of the hundreds of podcasts or networks she’s contributed to.Drawing inspiration from her journey, Holly channels her life experiences and utilizes her special gifts to offer unique guidance and healing. Specializing in navigating emotional pivots and life transitions, she firmly believes that one’s past is not a defining factor but an integral part of their story, allowing individuals to shape their future. Holly employs a compassionate, step-by-step process to empower clients to reclaim their voices, pursue their passions, and recognize their self-worth.

Her book, “REAL, NOT PERFECT: How To Become Your Happy, Authentic Self,” serves as a transformative guide, encouraging individuals to break free from societal expectations and uncover the version of themselves they aspire to be. Holly’s mission is to inspire others to embrace authenticity and live a fulfilled life on their terms.

She provides coaching and consulting through her specialized Real, Not Perfect Academy and individual healing sessions. When she’s not helping others live the life they dream about, you may find her dancing, listening to K-pop, or planning her next trip to Seoul.

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