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It’s time to heal and embrace a brighter future...

Welcome to Real, Not Perfect Academy

A 12-week guided energy healing program with
Holly Hughes Intuitive

As women, we are excellent at beating ourselves up.

We do this when we:

-Make ourselves small
-Disengage and numb our emotions
-Consider ourselves unworthy

But we weren’t meant to live like that!

We were meant to:
-Love ourselves
-Be happy with our life
-Find fulfillment and satisfaction
-Feel confident in our boundaries and decisions

It might feel impossible right now. But you don’t have to be perfect at it.

Let’s find the real you. Under all the hurt and lies that made you feel small.

Let’s take care of you.

It’s time to heal and embrace a brighter future.

The first step to lasting change is saying, "Yes!" to you.

You’ve tried therapy, coaching, and connecting with your inner child and still can’t move forward.
You’ve tried all the things and done all the work and you still feel stuck.
Or you haven’t done any of those things, but you don’t want to waste your time with trends that don’t work!
Holly Hughes Intuitive Healing
Real, Not Perfect Academy

Real, Not Perfect Academy

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"You unlocked something in me, Holly. I have so much clarity, like something clicked back into alignment. Like the fog is cleared." - R.A.

What you get with the Real, Not Perfect program

Long-Lasting Change

Let’s get to the root of the problem instead of just covering it up. My intuitive healing gives you deeper insight into the wounds that impact every decision you make.

Get Your Breakthrough

Sometimes it feels like you’ve hit a wall. Like there’s nowhere to go. You’re just stuck. My program gets your life moving in the right direction where you are in control again. Stop feeling trapped in your own life!

Calm Your Mind

Stop overthinking. Stop constantly questioning yourself. Stop feeling the emotional chaos. Real, Not Perfect helps you clear the thoughts that are not helpful. Calm the emotions that are not safe. And get your mental, emotional, and physical healing!

Real, Not Perfect Book Cover

Included In The Real, Not Perfect Program

6 individual energy healing sessions with Holly ($1350 value)
Bonus bi-weekly guided group healing sessions via Zoom ($1350 value)
Daily affirmation emails ($1500 value)
Guided meditations ($1500 value)
Customized playlists to use as the soundtrack of your new life ($700 value)
Holly’s book: Real, Not Perfect (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble)
Money Back Guarantee

It’s time to heal your body, mind, and soul! It’s time to get your life back!

This program is valued at $6500, but you can join this program for just $3600! ***
***OR FINANCED monthly at $1,300 per month

Want more one-on-one counseling?
Join the Executive Level of Real, Not Perfect and you'll receive 5 additional individual sessions for only $1,000 more for a total package price of $4,600.


I just want to say thank you. I’m not kidding when I say that when I worked with you that you changed my life. 


I joined the real not perfect academy for help in my work life.  I was dissatisfied in my job and could not see a path to happiness at work.  Holly helped me gain a better understanding of my situation and see how I was contributing to the situation.  I was able to see behavior patterns that needed to be addressed and boundaries that needed to be put into place  in order to succeed in any job.  It was really eye opening and I feel like what I learned from the program can be applied to all areas of my life, not just work!  Holly is amazing and I’m so grateful that I found her, she has helped me immensely.  I trust her and would recommend her program to anyone who finds themselves stuck or needing help through any of life’s challenges.


The Real, Not Perfect Academy gave me the ability to create my own reality with intentional action. I also gained a stronger sense for my inner voice and stronger understanding of my guts communication. Overall a greater sense of knowing. I highly recommend joining the program!


Holly helped me through an inflection point in both my personal and professional lives. I tried self-reflection and other coaches but nothing changed. Holly pieced things together to get me clear and focused. Her support was constant and insightful. 


Holly helped me end a situationship. I stopped making excuses for his bad behavior and made myself, my feelings, and boundaries a priority. Best thing I did for myself. Now I’m happily engaged to a better man! I learned I can have a voice in my romantic relationships without fearing retribution.


The Real, Not Perfect Academy helped me renew and refocus my self-worth, values, and priorities.


I signed up for the Real, Not Perfect Academy because I didn’t like who I was in my marriage or who I became pretending to be happy enough to stay in it. This program helped me speak my truth with less fear. It helped me grieve the loss of the marriage I wish I was inn and come to terms with how we were actually living. Holly helped me speak my truth and make choices. If you’re struggling, Holly is the unconditional support everyone needs to stop worrying about what might be and manifest what you want.


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